MApro software solutions are intended to provide support in information processes for business-related manufacturing activities.

They include logging of the required encryption, as the work basis.

Associated documents with the ability to open an appropriate calling application for each document.

Each user has certain rights in terms of using certain parts of the system.

Each software solution can be developed on any database, and so far the existing solutions work on MySQL, MS SQL, MariaDB or Oracle database. The database can be accessed using the appropriate authorisations and with other tools, making the system declared as very transparent, expandable and secure.

Complete monitoring of database changes is supported – each time you enter data, a record (log) is formed with information about who and when has entered the new data, also when you modify or delete data, a record with information about who and when altered or deleted data is formed. This enables recovery of the database on a given day at a specified time. Very transparent are visible information about who and when accessed data and what he was doing.

Software solutions available in information systems:

Knowledge and technology


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    MySQL, Oracle, Maria DB, MSSQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL

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    Datotečni sustavi


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    Desktop applications

    Clarion 5, Clarion 6, Java

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    Web applications

    Applied web technology:

    PHP, JS, JQuery, Node.js

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    Yii 1.1., Yii 2.0., WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal

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    Web Services


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    Web Servers

    Apache, NGINX

    Packages: XAMPP, LAMP, WAMP

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    Scripting languages

    Windows PowerShell, Cygwin, bin/bash

  • Integration with third systems

    DAIS, eUra, E-porezna, provjera ispravnosti OIB-a, provjera IBAN-a, izvoz u MS Office i Adobe Reader datoteke i dr.

  • Communication

    TeamViewer, RDC, VPN, GlobalProtect, Ammyy

  • Tools

    NetBeans, SQLyog, Virtualbox, Charles, Fiddler, Wizdler, Photoshop, Balsamiq Mockups