Information System for Security Management

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EVALUATION – Hazard evaluation

Operating system: Windows

Application Structure - Hazard evaluation:

  1. Organizational structure of society (level of organization, structure of employees)
  2. Workplace of working spaces (facilities)
  3. Work operations
  4. Strojevi s povećanim opasnostima
  5. Security measure Groups:
    • Initial status rating,
    • working environment studies with the rating of present hazards,
    • plan of reducing the level of danger and harmful (ground rules),
    • Proposal of special rules for occupational safety.


  1. Hazards in the technological process
  2. Special working conditions
  3. Personal protective devices
  4. Working hours
  5. Injuries at work
  6. Occupational diseases
  7. Texts archive

Application operation:

The application allows you to create:

  1. Risk analysis in groups for all jobs (ARMO), Annex 1
  2. Qualification programmes to operate in a safe way for jobs according to hazard types, Annex 2
  3. A list of personal safeguards that employees must use depending on work operations, workplace and workspaces, Annex 3
  4. List of machines with increased hazards with the date and investigation of the study, Annex 4
  5. Plan to reduce the risk level, Annex 5


  1. Print the structure of employees for the total system and organizational units or MT
  2. Printing of machines with increased dangers for the whole system and organizational units or MT
  3. Printing of personal protective devices
  4. Print working operations by group
  5. Printing of machines with increased dangers in groups and organizational units or MT
  6. Overview of the initial state of protection for work spaces, workplace and work operations (tech. equipment, measurements in work environment)

MACHINES - Strojevi

Operating system: Windows

Application structure Machines uses the same databases from the hazard evaluation application:

  1. Organizacijska struktura društva (nivo organizacije, struktura zaposlenih)
  2. Workspaces
  3. Places of work (facilities)
  4. Work operations
  5. Strojevi s povećanim opasnostima

For the purpose of application Machines are organized new databases:

  1. Documentation (projects, work instructions and maintenance)
  2. Check list of questions for testing machines by machine group
  3. Protection systems
  4. List of examiners
  5. List of shortcomings

Application operation:

The application provides the processing of machines and devices with increased dangers with the printing of log and conviction.

Working with the application is very simple when processing the tested machine or device the application offers a selection of all elements from the application structure depending on the group of the machine being processed.


The application allows different search and printing reports, as follows:

  1. Print all machines per group
  2. Print all machines for the selected organisational unit or MT
  3. Ispis odabrane grupe strojeva, ispis strojeva i uređaja bez uvjerenja s ispisom nedostaka
  4. Printing of the monthly and annual test plan of machines and devices with increased dangers