Information System for Higher Education Institutions



The StudIS Information System is intended for the registry services of students, teachers and students, and serves as a support in the work of accounting, support of the school administration and their users - students.

The information system StudIS consists from the following information modules:

  1. DST – standard
  2. WST - users students
  3. WPR - users lecturers/teachers
  4. WECTS - ECTS monitoring classes
  5. WNA - monitoring of performance plans and hours of teaching
  6. WOK - notification of users on the institution's web site

The modules contain different levels of access and available functionality, sorted by user categories:

  • teacher,
  • head of study,
  • space coordinator,
  • student,
  • librarian,
  • study records,
  • deanery,
  • others and
  • system administrators

StudIS DST [desktop standard module] – the basic part of the system The basic module of the DST is part of the system for informatization of business processes in professional services of higher education institutions, informatization of activities of teachers, students and other professional staff at the higher education institution. StudIS information users access and work with data from a database that contains information about curriculum, teachers, students, enrollments, exams, grades, and provides users with standard activities from planning, studying, issuing certificates, reporting to analysis and aggregate reporting.

StudIS WST [web student module] – upgrade of the basic module The WST module is part of the IS which represents the computerization of business processes related to the communication of students with a higher education institution - review of the grades, review of the results of the exams, check-in and cheking-out of the exams via the web site.

StudIS WPR [web lecturers module] – upgrade of the basic module The WPR module is part of the IS that serves users with the authority of teachers and other professional associates of higher education institutions related to teaching. It is possible to review the students according to different criteria, the preparation of the exams and the exams deadline, the preparation of the work plan by topics with terms and groups, the approval of the exams deadlines and etc.

StudIS WECTS [web module for ECTS monitoring of students] – upgrade of the basic module WECTS is a web module that allows ECTS assessment and scoring intended for teachers and professional employees when evaluating, scoring and tracking students in accordance with the Bologna process. It includes the follow-up of teaching and final exams.

StudIS WNA [web teaching module] – upgrade of the basic module The WNA module allows monitoring of the work of teachers and external associates in lectures, exercises, seminars, consultations and commissions. It allows managers (responsible persons) to verify the hours worked and to calculate the hours of teaching hours.

StudIS WOK [web module for user information] – upgrade of the basic module The WOK module is part of the system that serves to update and review the university's notices and to post it on the official site of the institution.

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