Web module intended for offices of pharmacopoeia medical agencies.

The web application is available at


PHARMACOPOEIA is a web module intended for offices of pharmacopoeia medical agencies.

The module represents a complete solution in terms of registering, collecting, and restricting access to clients. It is possible to notify external and internal users. Editing the pharmacopoeia content is done through the MS Office Word application and publishing of the content via the web interface.

Below you will find brief descriptions of the most important features of the Pharmacopoeia module.

User registration:
• a protected user registration system;
• protected entry (1 user, two computers);
• automatic licensing for external users, the license is valid for one year from the day of activation;
• the ability that the license for internal users is valid indefinitely;
• warning users on expiration of licenses;
• changing the password after the first login.

Copy, print:
• copy-protected content.

Active and archived editions:
• the menu to enter other published releases;
• special menu for archives;
• entry into force pre-defined (table with dates of entry into force);
• save to archive predefined (with each new release that appears in the main menu, the oldest goes to the archive);
• marking the words in the text.


• search archived and active content content by keywords in files;
• Search for UF includes more efficient editing and correction of content.

Content tree and content links:

• the ability to create a tree of content;
• the ability to track all used anchors (bookmarks / anchors) defined in content files;
• easily edit anchor (bookmark / anchor) between different files.

Tools to work with content:
• MS Office Word as a HTML text editor with direct saving on the web location
• Publishing content through the web site interface of the application.

Editing Header Image:
• Edit an image using the MS Paint application.

Available roles ie possiblities for users:
1. UF: Edit of the complete content (entering, editing, deleting text, images, math formulas, assigning styles, using track changes, and other possibilities of MS Office Word applications);
2. Reviewers: Professional review (open access pnly to certain documents);
3. User: - review of content;
4. Advanced User: - like User and additionally opens an account and extends licenses before the expiration date;
5. IT Administrator: - license activation, bidding payment tracking, email notification, ban access to users, updating data of all users.