Our objectives

MApro d.o.o. has a strategic goal of continuously improving its IT services for customers, with the obligation to constantly improve methodology and technology.

Customer Satisfaction

Retain the earned reputation in the realization of the contract.
Increase the level of customer satisfaction.
To shorten the deadlines for processing and the realization of customer's requirements.

Quality of products and services

Improving the standardization of development and completeness and documentation of customer requests.
Increase product modularity and the level of application logic in databases.
Improve the documentation of the solution.
Reduce the differences between installed versions by different customers.

Be successful and ethical

Maintain growth.
Promoting marketing, market recognition and sales.
Improve partnership relations with the holders of knowledge and excellence in our activities, which have complementary products and services.

About Us

The company MApro Ltd. for Informatics and Services is registered for conducting activities in the industry of:

  • computer and related activities;
  • accountancy and bookkeeping;
  • qualification in the information industry.


Sales of finished information systems and software solutions
  • Update and change as needed
  • Free implementation and education when introducing a finished solution
  • Free support and consulting*
Design and construction of information systems and software solutions
  • Production of software packages adapted to your needs
  • Free implementation and education when introducing the solution
  • Free support and consulting*
ICT support and consulting


  • Free help in choosing MApro business information solutions
  • Assistance in procurement and installation of IT equipment or upgrade of the existing one

Our products


Web module intended for offices of pharmacopoeia medical agencies.

The web application is available at farmakopeja.halmed.hr



A web application for consumption report of medication.

The application is available at farmakoekonomika.halmed.hr


Information System for Residential and Property Management


Information System for Higher Education Institutions



Information System for Security Management

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Our team

"Unity is strength... when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved."
Mattie Stepanek
Suzana Kaluža

Suzana Kaluža


She concludes and signs contracts and controls their implementation. She works on financial services and looks after the company's financial stability, analyzes business reports, cares about implementing and enforcing applicable legal regulations, cares about building an image and fostering the company's good reputation, chooses all employees and decides on individual rights, obligations and responsibilities of employees and others.

Franko Kaluža

Franko Kaluža


He deals with informatics since 1975. and from 1976. until 1997. he worked in the ERC 3. Maj on the following jobs: programmer, designer IS, chief manager of analysis and programming.
From 1997. for the purposes of the company MApro Ltd. he performs design, construction, implementation and maintenance of software solutions and information systems, which usually cover business functions: accounting and finance, planning and monitoring of production, planning and monitoring of personnel, education and training, as well as trade and commercial.

Marin Kaluža

Marin Kaluža


He teaches at the Polytechnic of Rijeka.
As an expert associate in the company he performs the business of programmer and information systems designer.
He actively participates in maintaining and improving information systems StudIs and SUZ.

Dino Abazović

Dino Abazović

IT spc.

He works on designing, programming, testing and maintenance of information systems and its parts. He is employed in MApro Ltd. from August 2009. working as information system programmer.
He participated in project solutions, programming, testing and introduction of it modules for some MApro users (HALMED, MediLAB, 3. Maj Tibo, Metis, Grad Rijeka, DŠM 3. Maj, Rijeka Stan, Polyclinic Jelušić, etc.).

Ivona Čančar

Ivona Čančar


She works on designing, programming, testing and maintenance of information systems and its parts.
She has participated in programming and testing of IS modules for some MApro users (HALMED, BuildProtect, Rijeka Stan, etc.).

Remote access and MApro support for users


If you are looking for a reliable IT solution, contact us with confidence!

Migracija podataka

Data migration

Migrating data between different systems, eg from a TPS database to a MySQL database.

Izrada novog softvera

Creating a new software

Creating a brand new software in the form of a web or desktop application according to user needs.

Nadogradnja softvera

Upgrading software

Upgrading software according to user specifications and legal regulations.



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